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SublimeLinks - Your missing SEO software & SEO tool

I have worked with Search Engine Optimization and was annoyed about how difficult it was to do linkbuilding, so I made the SublimeLinks SEO software. Where you can log-in to a web app to find links created by other human beings with links ordered by category's.


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Walkthrough of the different features within the SublimeLinks SEO tool

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Walkthrough of different features within the SublimeLinks SEO tool



Linkbuilding TLD filter feature


The SublimeLinks SEO software in action filtering by top level domainPossibility to filter links by TLD (Top Level Domain) e.g. ".com", ".guru" etc.


Lets say you want to build link to a danish website. Then you probably want to filter links with the following TLD: ".dk".


After you've selected the ".dk" TLD, it's as simple as pressing the "tld filter" button.

Like in the screenshot example.


SublimeLinks now filter all links and only shows you links from Denmark ending with the ".dk" TLD.




Linkbuilding category filter feature


The SublimeLinks seo tool in action filtering categorysIt's also possible to filter links by Category's.


Let's assume you have a SEO website and only want to see links related SEO.

Then you simply select "seo" from the dropdown menu.

Once you've selected your preferred category, you just click on the "category filter" button.

SublimeLinks now shows you all links within the system related to search engine optimization.








Real time link scanning feature


Real time link analysis and visual status reports of all links within the system. Like below:







Search features


Search for specific links using the search feature.


example of the SEO search software within the SEO toolMaybe you've seen a link last time you where logged in and you want to find that specific link again.

The search feature is here to assist you. You can start by typing a letter at a time into the search field.

The search feature now finds (already by the first character you type) all the links which contains your search and displays it live to you instantly as you've typed.


As you can tell, it doesn't matter if you've forgotten some of the name of the URL. The search feature will help you find it! 

Once you've found the link you want to select.

Click on the link from the expanded link dropdown menu below the search feature.

Then press the "search" button.

SublimeLinks now finds your selected search result and you can now contact the owner of that specific link.


If nothing happens when you type. Just press the "update" button. This will update all links in the search feature together with new freshly created links.


Instead of making 3 different sections with almost the same content, i'll tell you about the 2 last search features here instead.


One of them is a search feature for your own linkbuilding projects, so you can search for a specific project e.g. "SublimeLinks.com" in my case.


The last search feature is the ability to search your own links within your projects.

This is highly effective if you have 100's of links within a project and just want to edit, check or delete a specific link.

I'll tell you more about projects and links within projects in the following chapters.






Projects example within the SublimeLinks SEO toolKeep track of your linkbuilding projects by using the project feature.

Whether it's your own linkbuilding projects, or linkbuilding projects you're working on for clients.


Projects are private and only visible to your specific user account.

The same goes for links within projects, as i'll explain more about in the next chapter.


As you might have guessed, it's only possible to search for your own projects and your own links within projects.





Links within Projects


Example of links within project on the inside of the SublimeLinks SEO tool



Contact linkowners

smart message within the seo tool

From the linkbuilding main area you can contact linkowners about links you would like to get links from.

You can either do this manually by writing a custom/personal message to the owner of the link, or you can use the new "smart message" feature. By writing a custom/personal message please use the "contact owner" button.


SublimeLinks robot message within the linkbuilding SEO tool

Smart messages is a button you can click to make your linkbuilding process easier and faster.

SublimeLinks robot then writes a message on your behalf to the owner of that specific link and shows you the message.

You can then decide if you want to send the message generated by the SublimeLinks robot or if you want to make a custom/personal message to the owner of the link instead.




Why the creation of this Web App?


It's hard to do linkbuilding. It's confusing and time consuming as it is today. 
You need to look for links in all kinds of different places.
Finding contact information on sites you wish to get links from.


Why not make a SEO tool to make it all happen in one place?
Like it's easy to do websites using WordPress, it should be easy and fun to do linkbuilding as well! 


Having one place for it all, saves time for everyone who's working with linkbuilding and increases their productivity.
Making it easier for amateur linkbuilders out there, which don't know where to get links from or how to start linkbuilding
& maybe don't own an excel sheet with predefined sites they can use to get links from.


SublimeLinks also makes it easier for the pro's to expand their existing link inventory with new links to certain category's they're working on at the particular moment.


SublimeLinks doesn't generate automatic links for you. But you will have access to all the links you need in one place.

Instead of feeling lost in time and space when it comes to linkbuilding. The amazing part about manual links is, well you guessed it; NO BLACK HAT!


If you feel like me, that linkbuilding should be fun and easy and at the same time you don't want to go down the black hat road with automatic link generators.

This is the white hat SEO software for you to try.


Help spread the knowledge of this SEO tool to other people and let's increase the amount of links within this linkbuilding SEO tool. To make more link possibilities to other people struggling like me and perhaps maybe you.




SublimeLinks Walkthrough Guide


Step 1: Create Account & Sign In


First thing to do is to create an account if you don't already have one: Create Account. Next step is to sign in with the account you just created.


Step 2: Profile Picture


When you've signed in you're now inside your admin interface. This is where the magic happens. Here you can upload a profile picture which will be shown to the ones you chat with & in the chat with the linkowners you contact about specific links you find interesting.


Step 3: Linkbuilding


Click the linkbuilding item in the left sidebar when you're logged in. Here you will discover 3 subcategories named as followed: "Linkbuilding", "Create link" & "Delete link". 

To use the main feature called "linkbuilding" you need to upload at least one link to the system. You do this from the "Create link" tab. After that you can contact as many linkowners as your current plan allows you to. Select the tab called "linkbuilding" to start linkbuilding.

You can delete links which you've contributed with from the "Delete link" tab. After contacting a user about a specific link they'll recieve a message and you will recieve an email as soon as they answer you back.

Step 4: Messages


Click the Messages tab in the left sidebar (on mobile devices the menu would be found in the top of the page) when you're logged in. This is where your Messages will go when you recieve them. You recieve messages either when a user contacts you about a speficic link you have contributed with or if you have contacted someone and they are answering you back.


Step 5: Settings


Click the settings tab in the left sidebar (on mobile devices the menu would be found in the top of the page) when you're logged in. From here you can watch & edit your profile data. You can also delete your account from here or change your profile picture.

Step 6: Projects


Click the projects tab in the left sidebar (on mobile devices the menu would be found in the top of the page) when you're logged in. From here you can create projects you're working on instead of writing them in a excel sheet. When your project is created you can add new links you build along the way to that specific project

Step 7: Rules


1. No fake accounts.

2. No fake, or spammy emails.

3. No fake links. Don't use links you don't own or don't have the rights to share on SublimeLinks.

4. Don't upload pictures of other people than yourself.

5. People have the right to deny giving you a link. It's up to the owner of the link.

6. Be polite. Talk to others as you want others to speak to you.

7. No trolling.

Breaking the rules could result in user ban. Depending on the specific case.



Step 8: Enjoy the software & Have fun linkbuilding!




SublimeLinks on social media


SublimeLinks is currently on LinkedIn and Facebook:



More social media sites comes later.



I wish you the best of luck in the battle of links. I sure hope this SEO software will ease up your battle 😉


If you have any ideas about improving this SEO Tool or give som feedback, feel free to fill the contact form on the website at any time. Here is a link: Contact form                      

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