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How to make your WordPress website up to several seconds faster ⚡

How to make your WordPress website up to several seconds faster

In this article I'll show you how to do WordPress optimization. I havn't done it on one of my websites, therefore I'll do it while writing this article.


How to test the loading time of your website

You can test the loading time of your website in several different ways.


You can open your browser's developer tool by clicking "F12", while on the website you want to test. Then click on "Network".

To perform a test, press "F5" while on the "Network" tab. See example:


WordPress optimization screenshot


When testing, it's important that you write down your results. You can do this in a notepad.

Try making 10 tests or more and finally calculate the average loading time from these results.


Another and not so nerdy way to test, is to use this tool: speed checker.


However, I personally thought this tool fluctuates extremely much and would therefore recommend you to use the former approach.


Now I have done 10 tests to see how fast the front page of my website was loading. It fluctuates from anywhere between 3.74 seconds to 4.21 seconds. The average is 3.955 seconds. Now I'll try to get the loading time down.


I will install the "WP Super Cache" WordPress plugin. This plugin makes your website faster, but can be a devil to have active while you develop on your site. Therefore, I would recommend you to disable it, if you need to look for changes you've made on the site. As the WordPress plugin may show you a cached version of your site and you may not see new changes you've made.


Once you've installed the plugin, you'll find it within "Settings". Now click on "WP Super Cache". You must now ensure that "Catching On" is selected, while selecting "Catching Off" when developing on your site. Remember to press "Update Status" after selecting. See example:


WordPress optimization with WordPress cache plugin


Now I've done 10 additional tests after I installed this plugin and now have a loading time between 1.34 seconds and 2.44 seconds. The average is now 2,219 seconds, but without the WordPress plugin it was 3.955 seconds. This is an improvement in loading time of 1,736 seconds, which will give visitors a significantly better user experience on the website.


Feel free to ask a comment in the comment section below.

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