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In this tutorial I will show you how to get backlinks 🔗 for your website step-by-step ✨

Learn how to get backlinks for your website

When you don't know how to get links for your website, you'll need to wait for people to link to your website's content which means your website needs to have such amazing quality content that people are willing to give a link back to your website. In this tutorial I will show you how to get backlinks for your website without having to wait for people to link to your website.


On the other site I will also show you how you can make people share your content on your website easy. This can ease up your own linkbuilding work. At the end of this article you'll be capable of building backlinks all by yourself. At least you'll have a much better idea on how to get startet building backlinks to your websites.


First let's define what a backlink is

A backlink also sometimes defined as a referring domain is when websites links to your website. Referring domains and backlinks are not quite the same tho.


Referring domains are the domains that links to you for instance example.com. All the links that this domain brings to your domain is known as backlinks.


You can actually have multiple backlinks from the same domain. This isn't always a good thing. For instance if you get 5000 backlinks from one domain it would probably look a bit like spam in the eyes of search engines. Especially if the backlinks comes from a spammy domain.


Another point of view is that building lot's of links from the same referring domain stop's bring linkbuilding juice to your website after a certain point. From my own personal experience it's better to get lot's of referring domains pointing to your website than lot's of backlinks from fewer domains. If you agree to disagree please let me know in the comment section in the bottom of this page.     



So how to get backlinks for your website?

Here are some different technics you can use to get backlinks to your website.


Social media links

You can start by sharing your website on social media sites. These sites have a high ranking - So let's get started building some links from there. Share links from different parts of your website, you wish to rank higher and put them on social media websites like the ones below:



Wondering how to get backlinks from google? Let's start with Google+.

Share links from your website to your Google+ profile. This also tells Google you are willing to share your content with them and the public.



Make videos, upload them on YouTube. Make a link from your YouTube video to your website.



Facebook is another great social media to share links to. Find a Facebook group where you can share your content. Just read the rules for the specific group before you share your stuff with them. Some groups might have special restrictions regarding self-promotion.

If this is the case, maybe you can write a useful comment to a specific user problem etc. One way could be to contribute with a solution to the specific user problem and link to an article on your website regarding the solution to the issue.


Another way to get links from Facebook is to create a Facebook page for your website. On this Facebook page you can share links to your website.



Like Facebook you can create a page for your website on Instagram and share links to your website. 



You can do the same with other great social media's like Reddit. Here you can create a profile, join a discussion about a category and of cause link to your website. Remember that the category should fetch the niche of your website in which you're building backlinks to.


Social media icons on website

This is another great free way to generate social backlinks to your website. Put social icons on your website so when people visit your pages they can easily share your website on social medias. An example of a shareable social media software could be shareaholic.com. Use this link if you are not using WordPress.


I actually setup shareaholic on this website in less than 2 minutes while writing this article, that included creating a brand new profile on their website. If you're using WordPress then you probably want to install shareaholic as a plugin. Head over to your website running WordPress and go to the wp-admin interface.


Click on the plugins tab on the sidebar in the left side of your screen. Click on "Add new". Make a search for shareaholic. Then the WordPress plugin should look like the image below:


screenshot of shareaholic wordpress plugin 

I'm running this website in danish which is why some of the text looks weird for you. Click the install now button equal to my "Opdater nu" button. Now you got shareaholic running on your WordPress website. Click on your brand new Shareaholic tab in the left side of your wp-admin interface. It'll look something like this:


shareaholic screenshot settings example


From here you can setup your preferred settings and there you go. You've got social media icons on your website. Just waiting for people to interact with your content and share it on social media websites.



If you start to get backlinks from big social networks like these, it's a great start for a healthy linkbuilding profile.

The same approach can be done for almost any other social media not written here, but I don't want to tire you with a complete list of links to other social media websites. I think you got the picture.  




Get inspiration from your competitors backlink profile

Type in your keyword on Google. You probably want to check out the first result. Because well you guessed it, Google placed it as the first organic search result for the given keyword. Just be careful only to pick the first organic search result, you don't want to pick the PPC (pay-per-click) results which is Adwords ads.


Now to check all the indexed backlinks for this website. Make a copy of the URL and head over to ahrefs.com (Paid tool). Paste in the URL. Go trough as many backlinks as you want. Try to see what they have done different than you.


If you think some of the links looks interesting for your backlink profile. Try to head over to the URL of these backlinks. See if it's easy to get a backlink from there. If it's easy go ahead and get that link. If it isn't just go to the next preferred link on the list.


Later in this article I will show you how to monitor the backlinks that you build, so you don't forget to leave a breadcrumb for yourself about links that you've already builded. If you create many links, you'll forget which links you builded along the way, if you don't keep track of your already builded backlinks.


Go to the article here: Linkbuilding SEO tool.


Some SEO marketers goes as far as stealing links from their competitors. Writing to those who link to your competitors website and tells them to link to your website instead. Something inside me just tells me that this is wrong and I therefore never did this myself. But we are all different. Anyhow you should know that some people does this. I just don't believe it's a nice way to do SEO.



Other methods to get backlinks



If you're active in forums, regarding the niche you're working on, it's also a way to share links to your website and to get backlinks. You can also try to Google forums and join those who match your niche and join the debate. 


Link directories

Link directories is a great suplement for your linkbuilding profile. Just don't make it a stand alone solution. Google is smart enough to spot if all your links comes from the same approach. This applies for your entire linkbuilding profile. Try to make your linkbuilding profile as broad as possible, with as many high quality links as possible.



Find blogs within your niche and write some valuable comments with a link to your website. Don't overdo this. The more valuable your comments are the more likely the owners of the blog will approve your comment. If it doesn't get approved, well you've guessed it, no backlink to your website. Not all websites have the approve/disapprove functionality, but you might as well keep a good standard for your comments.  



A known method for generating links is Splogs, meaning "spam blogs". If you are familiar with the phenomenons black hat and white hat. This is a place in between, with a hangover to the black site, also known as grey zone. I would not recommend you using splogs, but on the other hand you should know they exist and what they are. 



I've made a linkbuilding management system for you. If you're reading this, it means you are already on the website. Congratz!

You can start by creating an account here on SublimeLinks. To get access to a whole website, with new link possibilities. Just waiting for you to sign in and contact the link-owners of the websites you'll find as interesting opportunities to your backlink profile.


Example of how the backend interface for linkbuilding looks like on a desktop computer Example of how the backend interface for linkbuilding looks like on a tablet


Every link is human made and you'll find a contact button below each link. From here you can start contacting owners of the links you like.


Here is another article from the blog with further explanation about the SublimeLinks SEO Tool.


Because the links are human made and therefore white hat. This is another great possibility to get backlinks to your linkbuilding profile. Links are ordered by category with the possibility to filter links by TLD's (top level domains).


It's absolutely free to create an account on SublimeLinks. You'll have 10 free messages + your current level (I made a level system), 3 linkbuilding projects, 10 links within each project with the free account. Then you can try it for free and then upgrade if you find the SEO tool is worth buying. 



Rank without backlinks

Depending of the competition of your specific niche it's possible to rank without backlinks. The way to do this is to write amazing in depth content for your users. Also regarding the Google RankBrain update which Google told is going to become more important in 2019.


Shortly told Google RankBrain is a machine learning system which measure how users interact on your page, but also measure the click through rate of your organic search results in the SERPs.


Do they stay long or leave fast? Do they click on your OR your comepetitors search results in the SERPs?


A way to make them stay longer and rank without backlinks is to write long high quality articles. Eventually include images and videos in your content where it seems appropriate.


Another way is to optimize the loading speed of your website. Users dont have the patience to wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load. Then they will leave your website and go to your competitors instead.


Another thing about loading speed update is the Google Speed Update released in July, 2018. This update will only affect slow mobile sites, but if people leave your page because it's to slow it could also impact RankBrain to register a negative behavior on your website causing people to leave.   



Add a comments section to your website. If people leave comments on your website it's also a way of telling search engines that people are actually willing to interact and comment on stuff on your website.


An easy way to implement comments on your website is to use Disqus. It's the same thing i'm using on this page.



Final words

If you feel like something is missing from this guide, please feel free to suggest other great ways on how to get backlinks for websites. I tried to make this article as comprehensive and user friendly as possible.


Remember not to rush backlinks to your websites. Do it in a natural and healthy way. If you didn't build links in years and then suddenly you are getting 70 links a week. It would look extremely suspicious.


Do linkbuilding without overdoing it. The last thing you want for your site is a Google penalty.


If you wish to help me writing new articles, please show your support by using the social share items, which I also talked about in this article. Feel free to leave a comment.


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